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GCLI Books and Audio

The GCLI program is a church-based curriculum, used by elders to train other elders within their church. This 4 volume set, together with 16 CD's, is the "elder orientation" for pastors/elders in our association. Each volume covers 2 of the 8 core values of Great Commission Churches, as well as a section of the GCC Statement of Faith. The GCLI is divided into lessons with practical life exercises that effectively equip men for ministry. After completing the GCLI, a man will have a thorough orientation of the key issues that an elder needs to know in leading the local church.

Select articles are available to download for free on the GCLI Resource page.

Price - $20 each or $75 for an entire set (4 books). $10 for audio.

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CORE Booklet

Great Commission Churches is committed to the vision of "New Testament Christianity in Action Today." The CORE booklet describes this vision through eight Biblical values and practices embraced by GCC churches. This booklet also has the GCC Statement of Faith and GCC Covenant. Many churches provide the CORE booklet to visitors and to those who attend a membership class.

A free PDF can be viewed HERE.

Price - $.75 each

Great Commission Classics

Do You Know For Certain?

Do You Know For Certain?

This gospel booklet presents the gospel in a simple and clear format, using the illustration of the bridge. It answers the question, “How can I be certain that I am going to heaven?"

Preview the Do You Know For Certain booklet HERE.

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Beginning in Christ

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Begin In Christ

For a link to the PDF version click HERE.

This first in a three-part beginning Bible study series clearly and thoroughly shares the gospel in an easy-to-understand, question and answer format. Topics covered are:

  1. The Person of Jesus
  2. The Mission of Jesus
  3. Assurance of Salvation
  4. Baptism
Price - $3.00 Each
Growing in Christ

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Grow In Christ

For a link to the PDF version click HERE.

Topics covered are:

  1. The Word
  2. Fellowship
  3. Christ-Like Living
  4. Marriage and Family
Price - $3.00 Each
Maturing In Christ

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Mature In Christ

For a link to the PDF version click HERE.

Topics covered are:

  1. Sharing the New Life
  2. Following Christ's Example
  3. The World Goal
  4. Multiplying Life

Price - $3.00 Each

You can also access all three PDF versions of this Bible study series at

Faithwalkers Journal

Faithwalkers Journal

Faithwalkers Journal is the daily devotion written by Great Commission pastors and widely read throughout Great Commission churches. You can order individual subscriptions or in bulk for your whole church.

For bulk subscriptions, please email your information to

Faithwalkers Journal is also available online or in downloadable format for your PDA. [click here]

New Testament Church Leadership in Action Today                

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New Testament Church Leadership in Action Today Brent Knox and John Hopler (Click HERE to view the free PDF version.)

This book is known in our association as the "elder book." Written by Brent Knox and John Hopler, this book explains how Great Commission churches have applied the New Testament model of raising up men within the local church to become a part of a plurality of elders dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. A must read for any man aspiring to be serve God in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Price - $5 Each

Tithing, Grace, and the Great Commission John Hopler

What does the Bible say about giving? Is tithing for today, or is it just an Old Testament practice? How does tithing fit into the New Testament teaching on grace? These and many more questions are answered in this practical book on tithing, the Great Commission and the grace of God.  

Free PDF

Books By GCC Pastors and Leaders


5 Crucial Questions about Christianity, Tom Short

This compact book resulted from 30 years of campus evangelist Tom Short's interactions with atheists and skeptics. It contains five of the most commonly asked questions he has faced on America's college campuses. Quick and conversational, this book is designed to help seekers understand how Christian faith makes sense and is based on truth.

Price - $4.95 Each plus $1.25 shipping. Bulk discounts available.

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The War Agains Your Soul

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The War Against Your Soul, Rick Whitney

"A godly man will not go as far as he may, lest he go further than he should." With this in mind, here is the warning:

  • Whatever weakens your reason.
  • Whatever impairs the tenderness of your conscience.
  • Whatever obscures your sense of God.
  • Whatever increases the authority of your body over your mind.
  • Whatever takes away your relish for spiritual things...

That to you is sin, no matter how innocent it is in itself. This book looks at some of these dangerous Whatevers.

You can also click here to listen to the audio format of this book.

Victory Assured

Victory Assured, Herschel Martindale

Victory Assured focuses on the truths of the Bible that assure each of us that we can daily live in the grace, presence and power of God’s Holy Spirit and experience life to the full. These principles and promises are for every Christian, no matter what our age, race, gender, language or location. God is able to do “immeasurably more that all that we can ask or imagine.” God wants you to experience HIS victory through Christ.

Price - $9.95 Each

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The Prodical Son and His Prodigal Father

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The Prodigal Son & His Prodigal Father, Jonathan Williams

It's a familiar story loved by many, but too often the deep lessons are missed. In this book, Pastor Jonathan Williams examines the story of the Prodigal Son and provides some interesting and life-changing conclusions.

  • The Father was more prodigal than the son!
  • Forgiveness can sometimes be the hardest gift to give.
  • To experience forgiveness to the fullest, we have to learn to release ourselves from our wrongs.

Secure In an Insecure World, Steve Nelson

Secure In An Insecure World will help prepare you for one of life's toughest decisions - Who should I marry? You will also learn how to be content before marriage to prepare you for a joyful relationship that lasts. Steve's book will help you understand your fears, doubts and insecurities, and how to overcome them though experiencing a close relationship with a loving God. It is filled with Steve's personal encounters from years of ministry to college students, and practical application that can change your life!

Price - $9.95 Each plus shipping

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Doug Brown - Life in the Son

Life in the Son, Doug Brown

The goal of this book is to help believers unlock the potential and tools that they already have in Christ to live a life of joyful transformation. Download pdf

Practical Considerations in Preparing for Overseas Missions

This booklet was written by Paul and Janice Meiburger, Great Commission Europe missionaries in Italy. It was written with a lot of help from others within Great Commission Europe and the Great Commission church movement. The motivation for this booklet is to simply share our experiences (both good and difficult) and also to encourage and provide practical help for others considering overseas ministry. Our common passion is to glorify Jesus Christ and in a united way fulfill His Great Commission. Download pdf

Books by Women in GCC

With a Whole Heart

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With a Whole Heart, Joy Whitney

"The stories of sisterhood shared in this book will encourage you and inspire you to walk closer with your God. And to grow deeper in fellowship with your sisters in the faith. I am thrilled to see God raising up a new generation of women ready to sacrifice their lives in the Lord's service. We can raise the bar. Together, we can run hard to win His prize," writes Joy Whitney in her book.

The Lighter Side of a Serious Mission, Kenyon Powers

A funny book describing the adventure of cross-cultural living as missionaries in the former Soviet Union. Kenyon and her husband Timmy moved their family to Kiev, Ukraine in 1998.


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Pneuma Church Plant by Jordan Cooke

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