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Great Commission Scripture Songs

Scripture quotation taken from the NASB.




John Hopler Isaiah 41 Download Download
Mary Showman Psalm 115 Download Download
Don Shepard / Jim Zuber Salvation Song / Micah 4 Download Download
John Mordan John 5 Download Download
Craig Coria Psalm 32 Download Download
John Morgan Psalm 138 Download Download
Craig Coria Psalm 32 Download Download
Steve Martindale Isaiah 30 Download Download
Dennis Clark Joshua 1 / Matthew 28 Download Download
Jim Snedeker Psalm 130 Download Download
Jim Snedeker Psalm 123 Download Download
Dennis Clark Be Still My Soul Download Download
Larry Clemente Psalm 119 Download Download

2013 Faithwalkers East Scripture Song Worship Night - Highlights

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Other Scripture Song Resources

There are other audio recordings, a few download options, and some chords available for many GCC scripture songs at the following websites:

Scripture Release (Dave Cook's website)
Manhattan Scripture Songs blog (Danny Walter's website)
Scripture Songs (Greg Bradburn's recordings)

Changed Lives

Teen Conference by John Meyer

Most of the teens in our churches come from our own families, and our most important disciples will be the children God has entrusted to us. Reaching teens is also important because they are passing through a season of life that is very…
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Pneuma Church Plant by Jordan Cooke

Over the last three years, our parent church, Grace Community Church in Raleigh, has more deeply embraced a longstanding vision and strategy that is both simple and grandiose. The “simple” part, at least in word, involves teaching and…
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